NOVEMBER 9, 2013

The Summerville Church of Christ located at 413 Old Trolley Road will be holding it's annual Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive November 9, 2013. These donations are used to prepare a Thanksgiving basket for those who can't afford a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. We encourage all Briarwood residents to support the Church of Christ and this great program.

The Church of Christ has been a great neighbor to the Briarwood Subdivision, and has for many years been supportive of the Briarwood Civic Association by allowing us to use their meeting room free of charge.

Please help by donating whatever you can afford in the way of canned goods or other non perishable foods. You can leave your donation in a bag on your front porch and the Church Youth Group will pick it up between 10:00a.m and 2:00pm. It's for a good cause.

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