Dorchester County Litter, Abandoned Vehicles
& Nuisance Ordinance


WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 4-9-25, Code of Laws of South Carolina (1976), as amended, the counties of the state were granted authority to enact regulations, resolutions, and ordinances in relation to the health and order in the counties or respecting any subject as appears to them necessary and proper for the security, general welfare, and convenience of the counties or for preserving health, peace, order, and good government in them.

BE IT ORDAINED by the Dorchester County Council, duly assembled, that the following shall be known and designated as the Dorchester County Nuisance Ordinance:

1. It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or to permit to be maintained any premises, including vacant lots or land, upon which any condition exists which constitutes a nuisance, health or safety hazard, including, but not limited to, the accumulation of dead trees, uncut grass, weeds, undergrowth, trash, garbage, debris, or any other unsightly or unsanitary condition. The accumulation of such materials on any property or premises, including vacant lots, to the extent and in such manner as to create an unsightly, untidy, or unsafe condition is hereby prohibited.

2. It shall be unlawful for any person to abandon any motor vehicle on any public street or public grounds or upon and privately owned property which is exposed to public view. No person controlling privately owned property shall permit any abandoned or unsafe vehicle to remain there upon.

(a). For the purpose of this section, a vehicle shall be determined to have been abandoned if the vehicle fails to display a current license plate within ninety days after its expiration date or which is partially dismantled or wrecked or incapable of self-propulsion or of being moved in the manner for which it was originally intended and remains in such condition for a period of sixty (60) days or more.

3. Whenever in the opinion of the County Administrator or his designee a condition shall exist which constitutes a violation of this Ordinance, it shall be the duty of the County Administrator or his designee to notify in writing the person or persons, firm or corporation, responsible for the violation. Such notice shall contain a description of the violation and shall give the person, persons, firm, or corporation a reasonable length of time, not less than ten (10) days, to abate it.

4. Should the person, persons, firm, or corporation fail within the time given to abate any condition as set out in Paragraph 1 above, the County Administrator, his designee, or other designated representative may clean the property and place it in a safe and presentable condition at a reasonable cost therefor, such cost to be collected by judicial process.

5. Should the person, persons, firm, or corporation fail within the time given to abate any condition as set out in Paragrah 1 or 2 above, such failure to act by the person, persons, firm, or corporation shall constitute a violation of this Ordinance and shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars or imprisonment for not more than thirty (30) days. Each day such violation shall continue shall be deemed a separate offense.

6. In addition to the above remedies, the County Administrator shall have the authority to apply for injunctive relief, mandamus, or other appropriate preceeding to prevent, correct, or abate any such violations.

7. This Ordinance shall be effective upon third reading.


For additional information contact the Dorchester County Planning and Codes Enforcement Department at: 500 N. Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483. Telephone Number:(843) 832-0013.